Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Beginning

Nick here at the opening ceremony of a momentous occasion: the (largely) uncensored sharing of what is most important to me in this crazy life of mine.

Welcome to my life. I am glad you are here.

In some ways I am a typical 51 year old man; I am paying off a bunch of debt from when the economy tanked, I have a higher sex drive than my wife, and I am collecting cool stuff for my rec room/man cave.

I am not so typical in that I was born female and recently underwent penile construction surgery (called a phalloplasty) from which I am still in recovery. It is an insane process with a pretty amazing outcome.

I am also deeply spiritual and have been called forth to not only share my transgender story with you, but to share original music and meditation/ spiritual activation tools to help you create your life the way you see it in your heart.

I am excited to share these gifts with you and your family and friends.

Until next time
In Love and Service,



  1. You are always on my mind and in my heart dear friend, sending you much love and support from Smithers BC Canada.

  2. Hey Nick, once again, thank you for sharing.